Dense forest and tangled vegetation


I searched ‘jungle’ and this is what it says.  Dense and tangled.

I can see what this particular jungle looks like online. I’m not in any rush to go there. Enough images already of people’s faces, their homes without me adding to it.

I like factory work.  I have graded and sorted lots of different things.  My jungle might remain concrete and metal, florescent lit, interior.

Words will do.

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CALL OUT FOR URGENT SUPPORT: Sweets Way families ALL given High Court bailiff notices!

sweets way resists

IMG_20150323_100607Yesterday, all of the remaining families on the Sweets Way estate were given notice from Annington Properties Limited, that their individual cases – despite later-scheduled individual eviction dates – had been transferred from County Court to High Court Bailiffs, effective immediately!

Though we are going through every legal channel we know to challenge this abusive move by Annington, at this point, HIGH COURT BAILIFFS – WHO IT IS ILLEGAL TO RESIST – WILL ARRIVE AT THE REMAINING SWEETS WAY FAMILIES HOMES ON A MORNING THIS WEEK, WITHOUT NOTICE!

This is truly a horrible move by Annington, placing the order on a Friday when, legally speaking, it is nearly impossible to challenge either the lack-of-hearing made, or that all cases were treated as one, despite differences in individual situations, and expected eviction dates.

We need a few things from all of those who have supported the campaign and who oppose the…

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