Bentham Jubilee Review

Em Whitfield Brooks posted on The Skiband’s Wall

“Just wanted to thank you all for totally making our event over Jubilee weekend. Helmsley Arts Centre was so chuffed with the joyful madness, the audience interaction bringing all ages together – fab conga around the market square, cafe invasion and burger stand fanfare included – combined with really top musicianship. A delightful mix: the best of spontaneous street performance and some great tunes really well executed. People keep coming up to me and saying how brilliant you are….thank you Skiband – and come back soon! x”

One thought on “Bentham Jubilee Review

  1. Thank you Ski band for being the highlight for me of the already great saltaire festival this weekend. The way you so enjoy what you do is so
    very infectious and the crowds really pick up on that. The moment with you and the big chicken may just be one of the most surreal things I
    I have ever seen. I told the guy that runs the music at the festival that you were great so hopefully we will see you again next year. Also you would go down a storm in edinburgh.

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