1. Em Whitfield Brooks, Helmsley Art Centre. “Just wanted to thank you all for totally making our event over Jubilee weekend. Helmsley Arts Centre was so chuffed with the joyful madness, the audience interaction bringing all ages together – fab conga around the market square, cafe invasion and burger stand fanfare included – combined with really top musicianship. A delightful mix: the best of spontaneous street performance and some great tunes really well executed. People keep coming up to me and saying how brilliant you are….thank you Skiband – and come back soon! x”

  2. Hi Skiband, we had the great pleasure to see you perform at Skegness last night at SO Festival, all i can say is fantastic!!!!! Great audience participation , our children aged 2 and 10 months loved you too. Lovely to see something different that appeals to all ages. keep on doing what you are doing and hope to see you again. x

  3. seen the ski band at gaffers weekend isle of white….absolutly brilliant..made the weekend and had a chance to say a quick thankyou to them before they left…well done guys…..helen wigham pn face book x

    1. I also saw them at Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival (Isle of Wight), what a group and great to see them interacting with the public and let on two seperate occasions disabled children play their instruments. Hoping they will return next year. Keith Q.

  4. Seen the Ski band two years running at the Old Gaffers in Yarmouth. Brilliant. Hope they will back for 2016.
    Very entertaining, Hope you enjoyed your macaroons,

  5. Throw your cares away a book this band made my Gaffers weekend/ but why only 4 macaroons

  6. Oh all of u great job nice to see n really fascinated to yours music specially drummer Chris really doing great man

  7. We absolutely loved seeing you at the grassington festival and said then we would love to book you for an event, now we do have something to celebrate as we have a baby boy, can you do an outdoor christening? How much do you charge?

  8. The Ski Band ARE without doubt THE BEST !
    If you love music performed live and from the soul then you will love how these guys work so seamlessly together and yet make it look so easy! They are so closely bonded – they almost have a 6th sense of what each other are doing or are about to do. I first came across them at The Wakefield Rhubarb Festival many years ago and have seen them many times since and I defy anyone not to be infected by their rhythm and energy. Ultimate feel-good music from THE ULTIMATE FEEL-GOOD BAND.
    Keep it up Guys – can’t wait to see you again!

  9. Saw the band today at wentworth the band were excellent good fun and had the audience involved ! Was nice to meet you I was helping the other band that was there

  10. Thank-you for making my day . My cheese stall was not very busy. But you guys were great. You made it into such a party atmosphere. Hope to see you all again soon. I’m from Lancashire so not sure when or if you are playing up this way. Cheers Ian beesley

  11. Hi
    Saw the tail end of your set in Grassington today and really enjoyed it.
    Have you got a list of gig dates ?

    1. Hi Rich, Glad you liked it! we are playing
      Handmade Parade, Hebden Bridge, Sunday 24th June, then private parties, then Burnley Charter walk on 14th July.
      Encontro festival Glasgow, 4&5 August.
      Bolton Food Fest 24&25 Aug.

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